March 24

5 Reason to Choose a Career in the Fitness Industry

There are a lot of reasons why a person decides to choose a career in the fitness industry. Some of them want to help other people to improve their lifestyles, whereas some of them find this industry as a profitable career option with huge opportunities to grow and earn. A career in the fitness industry is not […]

March 23

6 Important Tips to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Want to become a Successful Personal Trainer? Becoming a personal trainer can be your career goal if you like fitness and helping others to achieve their goal of a healthy and fit body. However, it takes a lot to become   There are several ways to get certified as a personal trainer, the best way you can […]

March 21

Jobs & Career Opportunities in Indian Fitness Industry

How is the career growth in the Indian Fitness Industry? What are the jobs and career opportunities in the Indian fitness industry? These are a few questions that strike the mind of youngsters who want to start their career in the fitness industry. Usually, they have several misconceptions concerning jobs and salaries in Indian Fitness […]

February 8

8 Biggest FITNESS / WELLNESS Myths You Should Leave Behind

When it comes to fitness or health, the web is overflowing with information as well as contradictions. And with so much information available online, people get confused and unable to decide whether the information is correct or not.  One of your workout partners shares an exercise tip, and then without any further investigations, you pass […]

February 7

7 Awesome Career Ideas For Fitness Freaks

“You must see it. You must believe it. And then you must never stop working to make it happen.” –Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger was 21 years old when he moved to the United States of America. He was a young Austrian immigrant who spoke little English. He came to pursue his dream of becoming a bodybuilder. […]

December 28

1st time in India: Fitness Courses Purely Designed for Indian Bodies.

     Are you ready for a new wave of fitness? First time in India: Fitness Courses that are purely designed for Indian Bodies. The Demand for Fitness Industry in India is booming big time. More and more people are now looking forward to gaining the guidance of experts to achieve their specific fitness […]