8 Biggest FITNESS / WELLNESS Myths You Should Leave Behind

When it comes to fitness or health, the web is overflowing with information as well as contradictions.

And with so much information available online, people get confused and unable to decide whether the information is correct or not. 

One of your workout partners shares an exercise tip, and then without any further investigations, you pass it on to other people you know. 

Your coach advice you something, and certainly, you hear something similar from others as well. So you thought, it must be true.

But health experts say – “The fitness world is flooding with lots of myths and half-truths. Some of the myths are just harmless and half-truths, but a few of them can actually be harmful.”

Some of the most common myths that we have heard are – Avoid carbs, you can’t construct muscles by eating veggies, your metabolism slows down after you are 30! the list is never-ending.

And maybe a few of them holding you from getting the safest and best workout. And that’s why the right fitness training and knowledge is important to achieve your fitness goals. 

Through this post, we have shared 8 biggest fitness and wellness myths that you should leave behind right now!


Myth 1. Lifting Heavy Weights makes females bulky.

Truth – Women don’t have a similar hormone profile as men. They don’t have a similar level of testosterone as men do. In fact, lifting weights will make females look athletic, lean, fit and solid.

With a smart diet and planned weight training, you can achieve the best shape of your body.


Myth 2. Lose your belly fats with crunches / cardiovascular training.

Truth – You won’t get a flat belly you want even if you do 5,000 crunches. Lifting weight (squat / deadlift/power press.. etc), High-intensity interval training plus proper healthy diet plan will help you get flat, toned abs. 

Muscles are covered with fats. So, all the fat must be burned for these muscles to be seen and getting the flat belly you want.

Doing weight training will challenge and make you use and work your whole core to be able to do the exercises properly. Plus having a strong core is absolutely essential. 


Myth 3. A deadlift is not good for your back.

Truth – I have heard such a large number of individuals expressing that deadlifts have harmed their lower back.

Deadlifts are the ultimate lower-back exercise, and, if done under supervision with a trainer can decrease back pain and the risk of injury and improve functional strength.

Deadlifts also strengthen your core muscles. There are a few varieties of the deadlift – Sumo Deadlift, Conventional Deadlift, Straight Leg Deadlift.

Myth 4. I am too old to exercise:

Truth – Inactive individuals have higher chances to get heart-related problems, additionally, they have more doctor visits and require more medications. 

For overall heart health, it essential to do 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 days per week and 2 days per week of strength training. Admittedly, even a 10-minute walk is a decent beginning.


Myth 5. Machines Are Better Than Free Weights:

Truth – Machines serve their purpose, particularly for individuals who are restricted because of their injuries or a lack of experience.

Free weights activate more muscles than machines and they are better for building muscle in the long-run.


Myth 6. If I exercise more, will I lose weight faster ?

Truth – Going through 3 hours in the gym just only means a lack of intensity. Likewise in order to build muscle and improve your metabolism, Recovery is as important as the breakdown caused by the exercises.

In the time that you train 7 days every week, you will just tear down lean tissue quicker than you can rebuild.

This is called OVER TRAINING and this causes a decrease in the muscle which in the long run causes slowing down your metabolism which in turn leads to you getting FAT.


Myth 7. Will eating fat-free foods assist me to lose weight?

Truth – Simply No, avoiding fat from your diet completely is unhealthy. Some crucial fatty acids really help you in losing fat.

Fat-free does not mean calorie-free. When fat is taken out of food it is often replaced with sugar or other forms of carbohydrate that keep the calories about the same as the regular version of the food. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit by eating a little less and moving around more.

Fat in food helps make it flavorful, pleasurable to eat, and satisfying. Going fat-free with many foods could lead you to eat more if it is lacking taste and satisfaction.

Some fat is healthy for us. Choose the right fats by adding nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocados, and vegetable oils to your diet.


Myth 8. Is it not necessary to exercise if I am not fat? 

Truth – This is a major big myth very common in our Indian subcontext.

Fitness is all about based on 5 components Cardiovascular endurance, Muscular endurance, Musculoskeletal strength, Flexibility, and Ideal Body Composition.

Hence carrying unnecessary body fat is only one aspect of fitness. Whether you are fat or thin you have to workout to cause an increase in all the above-stated components of fitness.

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