6 Important Tips to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Want to become a Successful Personal Trainer?

Becoming a personal trainer can be your career goal if you like fitness and helping others to achieve their goal of a healthy and fit body. However, it takes a lot to become  

There are several ways to get certified as a personal trainer, the best way you can do so is by opting for a personal trainer course and getting certified. 

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Later find a suitable job or set up your own business. Learn more about this career path to decide if it is the right one for you.


Some of the benefits of personal training are:

There are huge jobs and career opportunities in the fitness industry. Here we have listed some of the benefits of choosing personal training as a career.

  • Help others: One of the main advantages of being a Personal fitness trainer is that consistently you help your customers accomplish their objectives and become fitter, healthier and progressively sure.
  • Stay Healthy: Whether you work in a fitness center or at home, you will have the option to remain healthy and keep fit whenever you have some extra time. This could be toward the beginning of your day or when you are waiting for your next customer. You will have all the best possible equipment you need and keeping fit will attract more customers. 
  • Choose your own hours / Flexibility: In most cases, you can work according to your own time schedule and decide the hours and days you want to work in.
  • Career Opportunities:  You can work in a gym, health club, sports club or you could even set up your own business and work in your own gym. Opportunities for personal fitness trainers are endless and they can work almost anywhere.


Features of a Good Personal Trainer

Personal trainers need to have several qualities. Some of the characteristics of a Good Personal Trainer can be:

  • Educated and Well-trained
  • Great Personality
  • A motivator
  • A good listener
  • Patience and Honesty
  • Great Communication Skills

You should also be able to enjoy working with different types of clients and be a self-motivator as a Personal fitness trainer.

All of Those are useful, but at the same time, it’s useful to realize what it is like to train clients throughout each and every day. That is something you will know when you get certified, and experience is always the best teacher. 

 Training may look easy, but it’s tougher than you may know.

You will have to work with clients who:

  • Have injuries or other health conditions.
  • Blame you if they don’t reach their fitness goals like weight loss.
  • Have never exercised and need good training for even the most basic of exercises.
  • Show up with workout shoes or other necessary fitness gear.
  • Have different kinds of excuses for why they can’t or don’t work out.


Each client is different, and you need to be able to determine how hard you can push that person, what their needs, and what they want. You also have to be very flexible, calm and be ready to change on time if a workout isn’t going well.


6 Important Tips to Become a Successful Personal Trainer


1. Getting Certified as a Personal Trainer

If you’ve decided personal training is for you, your initial step is to get certified.

You should research very well before you decide upon the certification you wish to choose. 

A review of various certifying institutes and organizations, feedback from other students who are certified from that same institute, and a close checkout at the syllabus and course design would help you.



2. Finding a Personal Trainer Job

One of the best things about personal training is that there are a variety of places you can work, not just at a health or fitness club. 

You may be an employee of a company or work as an independent personal trainer for them. You may also train clients as you set up your own Gym.

If you’re new one in this field, you should work for a gym club to get experience while not having to worry about running your own business.

  • Gyms: Working at a popular gym as a Gym Trainer and train individuals or groups at the gym is a great way to get experience and many of those health clubs often hire new trainers all the time.
  • Personal Fitness Training Studios: Fitness Studios focus almost entirely on personal fitness training and small group fitness training. Because they’re so specific, they may require more experience or training, but they will also typically pay more.
  • Local Community Wellness Centers: Check with your nearby public venues or park area to get some ideas about local clubs that hire personal trainers. Almost all fitness clubs have personal training available, which may be the best place to start.
  • Hospitals: Several hospitals employ personal trainers to help patients recover from illnesses. These areas may require an advanced degree or a specialty for working with customers who may have health challenges.
  • Corporate Fitness Trainer: You can work for a company that offers corporate wellness packages for businesses wishing to improve their employees’ health.
  • As a Freelance Fitness Trainer: You can train clients in their homes. Another way is to set up your own personal training studio.
  • Fitness Blogger/ Vlogger: Start earning from blog and youtube via. ads and endorsements.
  • Nutritionist/ Sports Nutritionist: Sell Advanced Meal Plans, Diet Plans or Charge-Per-Session



3. Consider a Strength

You should have a sense of which kinds of customers you would like to train. You would then be able to put resources into further training and get a specialization certification. With a specialization, you will have more to offer these customers, and you can generally charge somewhat little more for your services.

Choices include:

  • Sports and Athletics: You can help athletes or sportsmen improve their balance, speed, posture, and performance.
  • Lifestyle and Weight Management: You work with customers on behavior change to turn around bad habits and develop healthier habits and you work with those who are overweight and their fitness goals are weight loss.
  • Orthopedics: You can work with those customers who have knee problems or other conditions.
  • Working with Special Populations: You can work with more older people to assist them with improving personal satisfaction of life and maintain good fitness, or you can work with kids to make their fitness programs that fit their age and objectives.
  • Nutrition: You can help clients with the diet plan of their objectives, offering them specific guidance on how they can eat healthily and lose weight or gain weight in a healthier way.


4. Improve Your Skills & Be Informed

You must be up to date on the latest trends in fitness, weight management, and health.

Your certifying Institutions will offer workshops, on-floor training, courses, and other ways to earn credits, but there are several different ways to stay informed and keep learning.


5. Starting Your Own Business

Once you get certified and get some work experience, in time you may decide to set up your own business or corporation.

If you are an independent contractor for a gym rather than an employee, you should learn the basics and most important terms of these forms of businesses as well.

How to Manage a Business

When you get into personal training be it because you like this as a career path or you want to help other people.

Firstly you need to know the basic and important details of business registration or incorporation, licensing, budgeting, accounting, tracking your expenses, filing taxes, and more. It is not very easy.


Financial Investment

In the beginning, you will have to spend money to get your new business to start. Depending on your business type:

  • Fitness gear: Cardio equipment such as a treadmill, weights, bars resistance bands, mats, weight bench, exercise balls, and other equipment.
  • Business cost: Website, business cards, insurance.
  • Other: Good quality workout clothes, shoes, music system, water dispenser, towels.

Selling Your Services

When you work for yourself, you are the main person selling your services. If you are new to marketing, you might need to take courses to gain knowledge with the most ideal way to offer or sell your services to clients.

6. Personal Branding & Marketing

When you decide to set up your own business, marketing or branding yourself is definitely the best thing you’ll do to get more clients or you can say, customers. 

Some important aspects to consider should be:

  • Website: Setting up your site can be easy as getting a domain name or you have another option making your website with the help of a web designer.
  • Business cards: It’s easy to create your own business cards at home or you can also make your business card through a creative designer.
  • Social media: Set up your profiles on Facebook or Instagram and also create a business page or account as well as. So you have an easy way to communicate with your clients and potential clients.
  • Workshops or Seminars: Offering free Workshops, locally or online, about fitness, exercise, diet, etc. are regularly the most ideal way to meet potential new customers.
  • Referrals: Your existing customers can be a great origin of marketing or branding to their social circle of colleagues or friends. Offer discounts or a free session to the individuals they refer, and advantages to the customers who make referrals.


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